Childs Rainbow Face Mask
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Childs Rainbow Face Mask

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This mask also has three children's protective face mask sizes (3-5 years old, 6-9 years old and 10-12 years old) with sizing and ergonomic design suitable for the protection of children. All childs sizes are NOT available in each design option.

This mask has been designed to respond to the great social demand for protection masks with the double effectiveness of protecting yourself and others. It is a reusable and washable.

Comfort has been taken into account in the design of the new protective mask. It has an ergonomic design thanks to its innovative pattern. The fabric of the inner layer is pleasant to the touch. And it is self-adjusting, thanks to its double-sided elastic trim that provides maximum comfort and prevents the mask from accidentally falling off.

1. Outer layer. A water-repellent fabric weighing 220 g which repels liquids. Manufactured with 80% Polyester and 20% Elastane and with ISO 1883 (composition), ISO 9237 (permeability) and ISO 4920 (spray) certificates. This outer layer can be customised by sublimation using ecological inks.
2. Removable Middle Layer. NWF (non-woven fabric) weighing 47 g which acts as a water-resistant filter. Manufactured with 100% Spoundbound Polypropylene with EDANA 20.2-89 (traction), EDANA 20.2-89 (breakage), EDANA 20.2-89 (tear), ISO 10993.3 (non-irritation) and ISO 10993.5 (non-cytotoxic) certificates. Replacement filters are also on sale.
3. Inner layer. Antibacterial fabric weighing 80 g which is soft and pleasant to the touch. Manufactured with 82% Polyamide and 18% Elastane and with ISO 1883 (composition), ISO 9237 (permeability) and ISO 4920 (spray) certificates

Unlike many masks on the market, this protective mask is washable, which means it can be reused again and again. Simply follow these washing tips so it can be reused with all the safeguards for your health:
The maximum washing temperature is 60º.
Do not use bleach when washing.
Do not iron or use any steam treatment.
It can be dry cleaned using normal products.
Avoid contact between a dirty mask (to be washed) and clean clothing. The person doing the washing must protect themself when handling dirty masks.

The middle filter layer can be washed 5 times before disposing of them for hygiene reasons.
Replacement filters are also sold separately in packs of 2.

Unfortunately do to the hygiene nature of the product we can not accept returns on this item, please do not purchase if you are unsure of any aspect including the fit. If the product was found to be faulty in some way when you received it we would of course replace it after receiving proof of manufacture fault.

Please note that this is a protective product, and under no circumstances can be used as PPE (personal protective equipment) or as a healthcare product. All the fabrics used are manufactured in the EEC (European Economic Community)