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What Exactly Is Fatbiking?

Fatbiking is the latest craze for avid cyclists, so termed because the mountain bikes have huge thick tyres designed for riding on extreme terrain. Read on.

Ultra Running: A New Challenge For 2017?

&Ultra running involves running distances considerably longer than a marathon in challenging landscapes & is one of the fastest growing sports. Read more.

Birmingham Ditches Cycle Lanes In Favour Of ‘Superhighways’

Birmingham City Council has scrapped plans to introduce six new cycle lanes on main roads, in favour of creating two new cycling superhighways. Read more.

Have You Caught Tour De Celeb Yet?

There is a new kind of reality TV show just finished on Channel Five that you might like to check out if you love heading out on your bike. Read more...

Do You Cycle With Headphones On?

It isn't illegal to listen to music while cycling but it is important to remember that it could distract you from what is happening around you. Read more.

Tour de Yorkshire 2017 - full route revealed

The full route for the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire has been unveiled today at the Impressions Gallery in Bradford.

Who Needs To Eat Sports Nutrition Bars?

You may throw protein and nutrition bars into your gym kit without really thinking about it, but do you know if you really need them? Find out more here.

Top Cycling Safety Tips For Winter

Winter cycling can be just as enjoyable as biking in the summer, but it’s important that you do prioritise safety concerns at this time of year. Read more.

3 Cycling Goals For 2017

Whether you’re new to the world of cycling or are a seasoned biker, it can never hurt to set yourself a few goals for the new year. Read on for more details.

3 Christmas Gifts For Avid Cyclists

It isn't long till Christmas, so If there’s someone in your life who can’t get enough of their cycling, then one of these gift ideas would perfect. Read on

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