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Benefits of planning your triathlon racing season

People fall into three camps when we ask: ‘what are your physical activity goals this year?’ Camp 1: You are able to show your season’s races planned out till the off season in November Camp 2: You have one or two races entered probably a big ‘A’ race like the Outlaw Camp 3: You have some thought to entering some races Obviously I’ve structured this list to favour the best option. Unfortunately, there won’t be many people in this camp from my experience. You will have more fun if you plan your season.

Tricks Of The Turbo

"I hate the turbo, i don't know how you can sit there, in your garage sweating away for 90minutes, How do you do it?" This was a friends comment when she asked what i was up to that evening and i declared i was going to spend the evening on the computrainer trurbo in the garage. Yes, it's sweaty, yes, it is often painful, yes, it is not scenic but it is a great training tool if you are trying to get in quality bike sessions, around work, early in the morning or in the evening, when the weather isn't great. So here are my top 3 tricks for ticking off the turbo sessions

Beginners Guide To Triathlon Racing?

Let’s start with a simple question, what is a triathlon? A triathlon is a swim followed by a bike ride, completed by a run. Simple. Under the triathlon banner there are also the duathlon which is a run followed by a bike ride and polished off with a run. Maybe an aquathon might interest you where your swim is followed by a run. Perhaps a quadrathon with it’s swim, kayak, bike run format could tickle your fancy. Plus there are many variations on the theme. Multi-disciplined racing offers a wide range of challenges and so much fun.

Top Five Carbs for Training

Carbs are a great source of energy for when you're out on the road, especially during training. With that in mind, found out which are the top five best carbs for getting you through those all-important sessions.

Tri Suit Brand Of The Year - 220 Triathlon Awards

After the first round of voting in the 220 Triathlon Awards we are happy to announce that Raceskin has been selected as one of 5 nominees in the Tri Suit Brand Of The Year category.

Mind over matter: Attitudes in sports and cycling

How does your mental attitude affect your cycling performance? Find out just how exercise and mental ability and change the way you ride.

How to Choose Your Team's First Road Race

If your team is new to road racing, or you have a few beginners in your team, find out just what you need to consider when choosing your cycling team's first ever road race.

The Vampire Ride

After 16 hours in the saddle, most of us had managed to drag ourselves to the base of the last climb: Alpe d’Huez. By that stage we had ridden 156 miles, taking in Mont Ventoux (an amazing piece of geology which you just cycle up continuously for 14 miles, and go up a vertical mile in the process), three category 2 climbs, two category 1's and a couple of cat 5’s for good measure. If that means nothing to you… it was very, very hilly.

Top Of The Podium - Outlaw Half 2015

The Outlaw Half Triathlon on the 31st May was my first foray into middle distance racing, otherwise known as 70.3 racing. There is a first for everything, and for the first time ever I had been labelled as one of the favourites, with writing a pre-race review and then publishing an interview I had done, several weeks beforehand. Nothing like going into a race under the radar!

Paul Hawkins Wins Abersoch Tri

The Abersoch Tri was held on Saturday 13th June. The race consists of a 750m sea swim with a beach start , 20k of hilly and pretty technical bike with lots of very tight twisty roads, and a great run finishing back on the beach.

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