Christmas is officially dead.

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Christmas is officially dead.

Christmas is officially dead.

This week we all returned to the office after our Christmas break (which seems like a distant memory already) and started working on an exciting new project.

In truth most of us as Raceskin HQ were busy working on one design or another over the festive period, in between mince pie breaks and training sessions. We love our work, so nobody's complaining, and everybody did manage to stop for some turkey on the 25th...cue the violins!!

We consider Raceskin the finest custom cycling and triathlon clothing supplier in the UK (although we would say that, obviously), and we also believe we have our fair share of geniuses in the Raceskin design studio, who not only produce great club and team kit designs but also logos, websites, leaflets, and all manner of marketing materials to help clubs attract more members to join clubs.

This week we were asked to design a new logo for Summit Cycling, who provide outstanding cycling training camps in Italy.

The logo will be used on the jerseys (which we also designed) of each training camp attendee, and on the race kit of the junior race team they sponsor. The racing team will compete in the National Junior Series in the UK and at select races abroad (e.g. Junior Tour of Ireland), and we are happy to be supplying them with their cycle and casual clothing for 2014.

We'll keep you updated on their results and post plenty of pictures on Facebook and Twitter of how good they look in their stand-out kit.