4 Of The Best Cycling Gadgets & Gizmos To Try Today

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4 Of The Best Cycling Gadgets & Gizmos To Try Today

4 Of The Best Cycling Gadgets & Gizmos To Try Today

You might have the best bike in the world but as every cycling enthusiast worth his salt knows, there are all sorts of wonderful gadgets out there to make your hobby even more enjoyable. Here are just four of our favourites that we've found on our travels here at custom cycling jerseys company Raceskin.

Blaze Laserlight

We're huge fans of anything that helps you stay safe while you're out on the roads and this amazing light projects a laser bike outline that even shows up properly under streetlamps and headlights, so everyone will be able to see you and keep a safe distance away.

Connected Smart Pedal

This pedal really is very clever. It works as soon as your pedal starts rotating, recording your bike's route. You can measure your speed and incline, so you know how hard you've worked using an app that comes with it. What's great about this is that you don't have to take your phone with you and the pedal doesn't need to be charged up either, since it's powered by all your pedalling.

Turn Signal Gloves

What could be better than a pair of gloves that lets drivers and other road users know when you're planning on turning left or right? All you have to do to activate them is to touch the metal contacts on the thumb and side of the palm.

iceDot Crash Sensor

We're not sure how many people will opt for this one but if you are out on the road a lot and you know your family worries, it might be worth the investment. It senses if you've had a crash and can send out an automatic message to your nearest and dearest to let them know what's happened.