Top Cycling Safety Tips For Winter

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Top Cycling Safety Tips For Winter

Top Cycling Safety Tips For Winter

Winter cycling can be just as enjoyable as biking in the spring and summer, but it’s important that you do prioritise safety concerns at this time of year because the weather means an accident is even more likely than during other seasons.

So you don’t fall off your bike and destroy your new custom cycling jerseys, make sure you take all necessary precautions to avoid accidents as the nights close in. You’re legally required to ensure that your bike has lights and reflectors on it if you’re cycling at night. The front light must be white and the rear one must be red – and you can have them as flashing lights if you want, which can make it easier for pedestrians and drivers to see you.

Also be aware that it’s a legal requirement for your front light to have 110 degree visibility – something that not all cyclists know. If you cycle at night without lights, you could get slapped with a fine.

Another obvious way to stay safe on your bike during autumn and winter is to wear high visibility clothing. Adding reflective gear to moving body parts like your hands and feet will also make you easier to spot if you’re out and about after nightfall. And if you’ve got a backpack on, make sure you put something reflective on it so you can be seen without difficulty.

Don’t go out without checking your tyres either. Traction can easily be lost because you’re riding over so much mud, leaves and grit, and you’re also more likely to get a puncture at this time of year as well.

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