Birmingham Ditches Cycle Lanes In Favour Of ‘Superhighways’

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Birmingham Ditches Cycle Lanes In Favour Of ‘Superhighways’

Birmingham Ditches Cycle Lanes In Favour Of ‘Superhighways’

Birmingham City Council has scrapped plans to introduce six new cycle lanes on main roads, in favour of creating two new cycling superhighways, where cyclists will be separated from the traffic on the roads.


The Birmingham Mail reported that the decision was taken because novice and new cyclists still find cycle lanes too dangerous, and the new infrastructure therefore doesn’t encourage enough people to swap their cars for two wheels.


Now, £12.5 million is due to be spent creating segregated cycle lanes linking Selly Oak to Perry Barr via the city centre.


The aim is to develop all-weather green lanes that make the journey into town a more pleasant - and safer - one for anyone using pedal power.


Councillor Stewart Stacey, cabinet member for roads, told the newspaper that the changes to the cycle plans were as a result of feedback.


“This is a real change in direction. We had individuals and groups telling us we are not delivering the right infrastructure which makes people feel safe using it,” he said.


We know that you’d rather don your custom cycling kit for an epic road ride in the countryside, than for your daily commute to the city centre office, but is there something in Birmingham’s plans?


With research earlier this year showing that one in four cyclists are concerned about having an accident, it seems many cyclists would feel safer - and get more enjoyment from their commute - by cycling along one of these dedicated cycling superhighways. And while they may not be your first choice for a fun ride, they could make getting to work a bit more pleasant.