1 In Four Cyclists 'Worried' About Having An Accident

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1 In Four Cyclists 'Worried' About Having An Accident

1 In Four Cyclists 'Worried' About Having An Accident

Cycling on the road can be daunting if you're new to the world of biking but it appears that even the most seasoned of riders are worried about sharing the road with car drivers.

New research from Ribble Cycles has found that more than one in four cyclists are concerned about having an accident while they make their way around, with those living in London the most worried. In the capital, 39 per cent are worried that they may have an accident while out on their bike, Cycling Weekly reports.

The study also revealed that just nine per cent of working adults in Britain cycle to work, with 42 per cent saying it's simply too far to make the journey by bike, one in five saying the weather is offputting and 16 per cent admitting that the lack of cycle lanes in their local area deters them from biking to work.

Chief marketing officer at Ribble Cycles Matthew Lawson was quoted as saying: "While residents of European capitals, such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, have fully embraced travelling on two wheels, but from our results 17 per cent of cyclist in our capital don't currently cycle to work as there aren't enough cycle lanes on their route."

Businesses can encourage their members of staff to cycle in by participating in the Bike 2 Work Scheme run by the government, which offers tax savings on cycling equipment and bikes in order to promote healthier lifestyles and reduce environmental pollution.

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