Cyclists Angered By New Road Safety Video

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Cyclists Angered By New Road Safety Video

Cyclists Angered By New Road Safety Video

The government has sparked something of a backlash from keen cyclists by releasing a new road safety video that critics have said actually blames bike riders for colliding with lorries.

The clip warns riders to hold back so that they don’t get caught between a left turn and a truck, with the footage going on to seemingly show a cyclist getting hit by a lorry as it turns left. The accident is interspersed with clips of a man chopping up meat, buildings being demolished and men boxing.

To say it hasn’t gone down well would be something of an understatement. Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 presenter, tweeted that the advert was awful and blamed the cyclist, while chief executive of the London Cycling Campaign Ashok Sinha called on the government to bring in safer lorries on the roads.

“While LCC advises ‘straight on’ cyclists to watch out for lorries turning left, the prime responsibility for avoiding a collision lies with the motor vehicle,” Mr Sinha was quoted by the London Evening Standard as saying.

While the video may not have been to everyone’s tastes, at least the government is trying to make roads safer for cyclists. Andrew Jones, transport minister, confirmed that £300 million will be invested over the next four years in order to transform Britain into a cycling nation.

He went on to say that the key priority now is to reduce the number of cyclists who are killed on the roads – and since 2010, this number has actually fallen to its lowest level.

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