Sam's First Ironman Start Line

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Sam's First Ironman Start Line

Sam's First Ironman Start Line

My first attempt at an IRONMAN, and something that I was truly excited about doing. It being my first I didn’t really set myself any expectations other than to finish and put together a performance I could be proud of. 

Race morning we were faced with the decision that it was going to be a non wetsuit swim. At 06.25 I lined up on the start line in my Zone3 ‘sleeeeved’ swim skin. 52.12 later I was climbing out of the Woodlands canal and swim complete.

Onto the bike I rode the first 45 minutes solo.  After about 30k I was joined by Kyle Buckingham and then shortly followed by Matt Hanson and Joe Skipper. I managed to ride with these guys until around 120k when Michaell Weiss came along and pulled the stronger cyclists away. The last 60k I rode solo, coming into transition with a bike time of 4.26.40.

Time to run a marathon. Remembering to relax, keep form strong, keep hydrated and fuelled. 2 laps down, 1 to go. 8th.. a ‘pay day’ at a regional championships for my debut IRONMAN! keep pushing.

I gave it everything but the guys in front were running just as ‘quick’. A marathon time of 2.50.18 (the GARMIN said 2.49..) and crossing the line proud of the performance I had strung together.

To round off a great day it was nice to find out that my time is the 2nd fastest British debut IRONMAN time, Tom Lowe did 8.10 at Arizona in 2010.

Sam Proctor - Triathlete

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 Photo credit – Talbot Cox