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Tricks Of The Turbo

Tricks Of The Turbo

"I hate the turbo, i don't know how you can sit there, in your garage sweating away for 90 minutes, How do you do it?"

This was a friends comment when she asked what i was up to that evening and i declared i was going to spend the evening on the computrainer trurbo in the garage. Yes, it's sweaty, yes, it is often painful, yes, it is not scenic but it is a great training tool if you are trying to get in quality bike sessions, around work, early in the morning or in the evening, when the weather isn't great. So here are my top 3 tricks for ticking off the turbo sessions

1) Mental mathematics mind games.

I often use the turbo for interval sessions for example, 3 x 10 minutes. Now this doesn't sound much but 10 minutes can drag on forever, especially when trying to hold your threshold power. I turn, each rep into a series of mini intervals, breaking the 10minutes down. In my mind i break into 2 x 5 minutes and then each 5 minutes into 2.5 minutes. I visualise a hill, with 5 minutes at the top of the hill. So my first thought is getting halfway up the hill, 2.5 minutes. Then at 5 minutes i am at the top, all down hill now i tell myself, at 2.5 minutes down i am almost there. Playing mind games like this keeps me concentrated and breaks things up into manageable chunks.


2) Better to suffer together

Turbo doesn't have to be done on your own. Often Adam, my boyfriend will join me, we have the computrainer and Turbo set up in the garage, speakers on the walls, it's a lot easier to suffer the VO2 max pain of 8 x 1 min all out, with someone also suffering next to you. One of you counts the reps, one of you keeps track of time and shouts done at the end of each rep. Or invite a mate or two round to share the a pain around! So good to hi-five your training partner once the session is done and to bask in joint pride.


3) Sun's out, gun's out

Now that spring and dare we say it, summer is almost here, the weather is coming nicer and i often think turbo'ing inside is such a shame. I find the quality i can get in a turbo session really valuable so i continue to turbo through the summer but to enjoy the sunshine, i just place my computrainer in the garden and enjoy the blue sky and sunshine, even though your staying stationary.


Enjoy your own turbo training.