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Why You Should Wash Your Bike Shorts After Every Ride

Why You Should Wash Your Bike Shorts After Every Ride

Doing daily laundry sucks big time, esoecially if you ride your bike alot.  If you're like us, your custom designed bib shorts, bib tights, and sweat-wicking club jerseys far outnumber anything else in your life that needs cleaning (other than maybe your bikes). The idea of washing a mountain of cycle gear may inspire you to wear the same bib shorts twice, or maybe even three (!!!) times in a row. Don't, just don't. For the love of all that is holy and for the health of your undercarriage just reconsider the idea of wearing yesterday's commute bibs in today's spin class.

We understand, bib shorts can seem deceptively clean the next day. They dry quickly, often without odour, and if the shorts are black, it can seem like they were never worn at all. Don't let this magic fool you. They may look clean, they may even feel clean, but they are definitely not clean — in fact, they are teeming with bacteria leftover from your previous sweaty bike session. When you decide to recycle, reuse, and abuse that same pair of shorts in a second workout, the heat and sweat from your body is going to give second life to that bacteria in a very disgusting way.

Beyond the nasty smell, wearing unwashed bib shorts or tights isn't great for the health of your nether regions. You most likely wear your bibs without underwear, so you're now exposing your bottom to day-old sweat and bacteria, which can lead to uncomfortable conditions like saddle sores. 

Consider how much you spend on your gear. bib shorts and tights are definitely not cheap, and the best way to make them last is to care for them in the right way. Don't let sweat and bacteria build up from not washing them properly at the correct temperature — this can break down the material and in some cases bring on mould. Nobody wants mouldy bib shorts!