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Summa is our new wetsuit perfect for the experienced triathlete or open water swimmer looking to gain every advantage on their competition and perform at their absolute best.

This wetsuit is loaded with the latest fabric technology to give athletes the best swimming position possible at this price point.

We applied our award winning tri brand experience to develop a wetsuit for female athletes who consider all aspects of their performance and want a wetsuit to help them achieve their swim goals.

Who doesn’t want be fast and look good on raceday?

The SUMMA is optimised for flexibility and weight, it has been combined with Aerodome panels that have air bubbles built between the fabric layers, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene. The special buoyancy panels in the core and lower legs provide improved body position in the water.

You get a sophisticated paneling of 1.5, 2, 3 and 5 millimeter neoprene in the wetsuit, with a special emphasis on maximum upper body flexibility and making the legs very buoyant.

The suit has a low-friction SCS coating to provide superlative glide through the water meaning the distance of each stroke is maximized helping you to swim faster.

We use a very high quality liner for maximum stretch and comfort throughout it’s construction instead of just the shoulders and under arm panels. This also means the suit is easier to put on and take off saving you valuable seconds in T1.

We honestly believe there is no better suit at this price point than the Summa.

Key Features:
◦ #39 Aerodome has 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene
◦ SCS coating for reduced surface drag and increased swim speed.
◦ Varying neoprene thickness for maximum flexibility and buoyancy.
◦ 1.5mm shoulder/arm thickness for fantastic range of movement.
◦ Taped seams in all high stress areas for added durability.
◦ Flatlock seams construction smooth against the skin.
◦ Very strong heavy duty YKK reverse zip

"I finally like swimming in my wetsuit. I have always been uncomfortable in wetsuits because I kick a lot and I felt like they unbalanced me and made my arms ache so much more than without them. In this one (Summa) that isn’t the case and I go somewhere between 6 and 12 seconds faster per hundred compared to in a normal swimsuit depending on rep length and effort."

Rachel Hawker - Pro Triathlete

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