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Magna is our new wetsuit perfect for the triathlete or open water swimmer looking for a great value suit that packs in the features often found in more of a mid-level suit.

This wetsuit is loaded with the latest fabric technology to give athletes the most comfortable swimming position possible at this price point.

We applied our award winning tri brand experience to develop a wetsuit for athletes who want the benefit of the buoyancy of neoprene but don’t like feeling their shoulder range-of-motion restricted.

Made from Yamamoto smooth skin, an extremely high quality neoprene fabric, you have a suit that offers fantastic flexibility, buoyancy and is super durable.

The Magna has a low-friction SCS coating to provide superlative glide through the water meaning the distance of each stroke is maximised to help you swim faster.

The biggest differences with the Magna over other entry-to-mid range wetsuits is we use a high quality lining and varying neoprene thicknesses (from 1.5mm to 5mm) which ensures maximum stretch, buoyancy and comfort.

As your triathlon hobby develops, you will want a wetsuit that can keep up with you each step of the way.

We honestly believe there is no better suit at the entry level price point than the Magna.

Key Features:
◦ SCS coating for reduced surface drag and increased swim speed.
◦ Varying neoprene thickness for maximum flexibility and buoyancy.
◦ 1.5mm shoulder/arm thickness for fantastic range of movement.
◦ Taped seams in all high stress areas for added durability.
◦ Flatlock seams construction smooth against the skin.
◦ Very strong heavy duty YKK reverse zip